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Information also available in German, Français and Esperanto.

Registration for Mathematics-Students
Job offers
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Welcome to the main page of the Student Associations of Computer Science & Mathematics at Kiel University!

Here you have access to information for prospective and current students (at the top) and current notices (at the bottom), as well as job offers (on the right).

Our meetings take place during the lecture period each Monday at 18:00 in LMS 2 Ü2/K. New people are always welcome. (New Members).

You can mainly reach us via E-Mail (, in person at our office hours or anonymously via our letter and sorrow box. See also Contact.


Upcoming Events
When What Where
- Until further notice, all events will be either canceled or virtualized! -
Mon. 06.04.2020 18:00 Student Associations' Meeting Virtual
Thur. 09.04.2020 18:00 Gamesnight Canceled
Mon. 13.04.2020 18:00 Student Associations' Meeting Virtual

Systems for Students

To ease studying and communicating in these times, we decided to provide some services for students studying Computer Science or Mathematics.

We are planning the following services:

  1. Mumble (VoIP Chat)
  2. Riot (Chat)
  3. Jitsi (Video Conference)

We are already planning for CodiMD and thinking about others.

Students with an IfI-Account will be able to use it to authenticate for the services. We are currently looking into solutions for mathematics students, as they will likely not have such an account.

For the operation of these services we are being provided Virtual Machines by the Institute for Computer Science as such we want to thank them for their contribution.

Old News in our archive

Exam-protocols, Exams, Scripts and Theses


To make it easier for you to study for written and oral exams, we have collected Protocols/Examinations and Scripts that were sent to us by fellow students. You can also find theses by other students to get an idea of what such look like.

This collection depends on you getting involved and sending us new exams, transcripts, scripts, and theses. So don't be shy: accepts everything! There is chocolate as a reward!

Recruiting New Members!


Would you like to

  • represent your fellow students?
  • improve your courses?
  • get to know the university's bodies/committees/boards?
  • be a contact person for freshmen?
  • help organize parties and orientation events?
  • meet new people?
  • find out what happens at our meetings?

Then join us during our meetings, each Monday at 18:00 in LMS2 - Ü2/K!

Everyone is invited and welcome to take part or listen in.

We hope to see you soon!