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Information also available in German.

We offer several communication services to you, to ease social interaction and studying.

Login / Authentication

Registration for Maths students -- This requires a valid stu-number which will be used to create an Account named fs-stuXXXXXX.

Students of Computer Science can login with their normal stu-account, without prior registration.


CodiMD is a collaborative Markdown-editor.


  • Simultaneous editing of the same document (e.g., homework) by several people.
  • Markdown, a very simple markup language, close to plain text.
  • Real-Time rendering of the HTML corresponding to the typed Markdown.
  • Syntax highlighting for several programming languages.
  • LaTeX-Rendering.
  • VIM and Emacs modes.
  • Many more, see CodiMD/Features.



Mumble is a voice chat program.


  • Permanent and temporary channels (like Riot/Matrix, but independently).
  • Should handle larger groups well.
  • Ressource-efficient.

Useful, whenever vocal communication suffices. E.g., in combination with CodiMD.


  • A client program needs to be installed. Available for all major operating systems (incl. mobile).

Further options

A few suggestions on further technical options for collaboration:

  • VIM / Emacs in a shared Screen / Tmux - session.
  • Drawpile -- collaborative drawing
  • Further options on

Questions, Remarks, Wishes

Feel free to contact us:


  • All provided services are running on virtual machines at the Department of Computer Science. These are administered by the Technics-Team of the Students' Association of Computer Science and Mathematics. On the virtual machines, exclusively Free and Open Source Software is in use.
  • We consider further services to offer later. If you have any suggestions (or maybe would like to help), we hope to hear from you.
  • The so-called federation of Element/Matrix has been turned off on the provided instance, due to unresolved questions on data protection.
  • In none of the provided services, your real name is displayed by default, instead only your stu-number. This is for reasons of privacy, which we do in this case value higher than the missed convenience.
    • On the chat server, you can change your display name via the interface.
    • On mumble, you can set a comment which is displayed when hovering over your stu-number.

Past services

In the past we offered the following additional services: