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Aus Fachschaften Informatik & Mathematik
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This FAQ is directed towards international and master students.


Computer Science (Informatik)

Official Information

All foreign applicants and applicants without a german bachelors degree, need to go through uni-assist for application.

Proof of Proficient English skills need to be proven. Currently only accepting the following proofs:

  • GRE verbal reasoning test with a result of at least 145 points.

Alternatively Proficient German skills.



Computer Science (Informatik)

To complete the Masters Degree you need to earn 120 CP/ECTS Points.

  • Your Master Thesis will constitute 30 CP.
  • Your primaray Master Project and Master Seminar will constitute 10 CP and 5 CP


  • 10-15 CP need to be open elective courses outside of CS.
  • The remaining Points will be made up of elective courses.
    • The elective courses will need too contain at least 12 CP in theoretical modules and practiacl modules each.
    • You may also do one of the following
      • A secondary Master Seminar
      • A secondary Master Project
      • Work in a department's research group for 10 CP

A rough scedule with potential semester occupations can be found in this Info Graphic

Courses can be found in the Module Database and in the Univis.

Registration for CS courses and exames usually takes place via the StudiDB. How to register for StudiDB should be explained during your introduction.

Other departments may use QIS (also integrated in HISinOne) and HISinOne for course and exam registration.

Also seminars usually require registration during the preceeding semester. CS uses a special page for this while the rest usually uses the same system as for exames or using physical paper lists. Seminars might not have a seperate exam registration.

Courses usually use one of the following systems for course material:

Further Questions?

Ask us anything at or, we will try to help as best as we can and direct you to others if necessary.

You may also ask the international center.

Ask the CS Supervising Tutor when you have questions regarding the english CS master programm.

Ask the CS examination office when you have questions or problems regarding examinations in CS.

Contact the CS Student Advisors.

Contcat the Central/General Student Advisors.

The Department for international students or other AStA Advisory Offers may also be what you are looking for.

How can I help?

  • Give us feedback: What went right and what went wrong.
  • Join the CS/Mathematics student association.
    • Everyone is welcome
    • You don't need to be elected to help
    • Start by joining our meetings, the schedule can be found on the main page.

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